Test Article Management

The scientific and standard management process ensures that the whole process of receiving, storing, sample retention, preparation, distributing, returning and disposing of test article is controllable and traceable, and ensures the accuracy of the results of non-clinical drug toxicology studies from the source.

1, Reception, storage and retention of test article
A. Separate receiving area
B. Separate storage room, with different temperature and humidity and lighting requirements
C. Specialized sample retention archives, with different temperature and humidity and lighting requirements
2, Preparation and distribution of test article
A. Preparation of capsule, suspension, true solution, tablet and other common dosage forms
B. Aseptic preparation
C. Distribution test article to relevant personnel
3,Return and disposal of test articles
A. Distribution and return the same day
B. Dispose the remaining samples reasonably
Instruments and Equipment
Biological safety cabinets: Thermo 1300 SERIES A2 Super Clean Workbench: ESCO ACB-6A1
Analytical balance:METTLER TOLEDO MS204S/01 Large capacity environmental testing chamber:Panasonic MPR-721-PC
Medical freezer: SANYO MDF-U5412 Facial protection measures (goggles, masks, face shields, or other splash-proof devices)